Dow Styrofoam SP-X from Dynamic Composite Technologies is ideal for medium load bearing floors such as those found in cold stores. With high performance and creep data, it is an ideal engineered product that designers may confidently specify in highly loaded cold store floor designs.

For sandwich panel cores, its close tolerance, dust-free surface allows for superior bonding to a wide variety of sheet materials commonly used by the cold storage industry.

Styrofoam SP-X is ideal for insulating ground bearing concrete floors and suspended floors, for example, beam and block. Styrofoam SP-X is produced in an extrusion process which gives its unique closed cell structure, making it a good insulator.

Following are the features of Dow Styrofoam SP-X flooring solution:

  • A good insulator: Its low thermal conductivity minimises the board thickness needed to achieve the U-values required by Building Regulations.
  • Water resistant: Ideal for installation in adverse conditions on site and use in ground floors, cavity walls and roofs.
  • Strong: Highly resistant to compression - ideal for load bearing applications.
  • Styrofoam SP-X is HCFC free and complies with EC regulation No. 2037/2000 in substances which deplete the ozone layer.
Following are the environmental data of the Dow Styrofoam SP-X flooring solution:
  • Green Star Compliant
  • HCFC free
  • EU Reg EC 2037/2000