Among its range of Durable waterproofing solutions, Durotech Industries  offers coatings that bear brand names like Durocoat SR, Durotread and Durocoat AC coatings. The coatings offered by Durotech Industries are suitable for use in various applications.

The Durocoat AC coating from Durotech Industries always gives an ultraviolet resistant external coat. This can protect the coating against any harm from ultraviolet rays. The Durocoat SR coating by Durotech Industries is also a solar-effective coating and 95 per cent of the sun's rays are reflected through the Durocoat SR coating. This also reduces the headspace temperature down to 15 degrees celsius under a roof on sunny days.

The Torch-on membranes by Durotech Industries are unique in terms quality. These Torch-on membranes can perform various functions. Antiradice, Polybond, Elastobond and Polybond material are the major Torch-on membranes offered by Durotech Industries. These are the newly added membranes to the existing range of membranes provided by Durotech Industries.

Some other accessories like protection board, paver support, polyester, drainage cell, Duromastic PU sealant, Poly Propylene and drainage sheet can also be easily obtained at Durotech Industries. These accessories are ideal to be used in the waterproofing industry along with the membranes, sealers, primers and coatings offered by Durotech Industries.