Durotech Industries  offers several sealers and primers which are suitable for use in various waterproofing applications. The entire range of sealers and primers offered by Durotech Industries include different models like Duroseal WBE, Duroprime ARW, Duropoxy WBE Hi-Build and Duroseal AR. These models can be availed anytime at Durotech Industries. The Duroprime WBE sealers are easy to operate sealers.

The Duroprime WBE sealers from Durotech Industries are water based sealers. They are provided with a two-pack epoxy coating suitable for floors. The epoxy coating with these sealers is also used for challenging or priming external applications. The Duroseal AR is a primer and sealer ideal for masonry and concrete surfaces. These Duroseal AR sealers provide enhanced hardness and resistance to staining and dusting.

The Duroprime ARW primers are red or clear water based primers. These primers are suitable for building material and masonry surfaces which are generally used before the application of internal membranes. The Duromastic ACS waterproofing membranes are used in wet areas. The Duromastic ACS-2 is a powder fast curing membrane which is suitable primarily for under tile waterproofing. The Duroproof PU is a polyurethane membrane that can be used ideally for areas where low temperature cure and early water resistance are important for retaining walls and planets.