DuPont ™ StoneTech® Professional is about premium care for stones and tiles. Designed to give results one would expect only from professionals,  DuPont has announced that Techni-Clean® Australia is now using the StoneTech® Pro range of products for 'keeping cities cleaner'.

Techni-Clean® has a history of providing tailored cleaning and sealing solutions for all types of stones and tiles surfaces. Recognising the unique difference between customer groups and environments, Techni-Clean® offers customised cleaning and care solutions for household paving and stone & tile areas, Local government, and commercial paving areas. Techni-Clean®, like DuPont™ believes that not all stones and tiles surfaces are the same either; and each would require its own unique clean and care regime in order to keep them looking more beautiful for longer.

Keeping the city of Sydney clean is not an easy job; and hence Techni-Clean® requires quality products to keep the city clean; so it stays cleaner and looking newer for longer. DuPont™ StoneTech® Professional is proud to be associated with Techni-Clean® Australia.