Corian Cameo White by Dupont was used on the cooking zone benchtop of The Little Red Riding Hood, a residential project in Melbourne designed by Nexus Designs.

Shaped by the meaningful notion of family and the overriding principles of simple love, the house had been occupied for several years, but as the four children grew so too did the demands on their dwelling. The parents had also never found a way to inject some soul into the physical, and wanted their home to be brighter and better connected.

In response, internal spaces have been reconfigured and given a new lease of life. However, a minimalistic take on the re-design was essential as the owners wanted to avoid clutter and fuss.

A neutral palette was introduced by the designers to meet this aim. Complementing the timber floor boards and Dulux Natural White wall paints, Dupont’s Corian Cameo White was used in the kitchen area in contrast with the red veneers.

A soft, chalky solid white that is compatible with interior surroundings, the product is part of the Corian range and engineered to be long-lasting. The range includes a variety of other hues, tones and colours for every design sensibility and application.