A young team of designers used the ultra-versatile DuPont Corian high-tech surface to create a functional design piece for the London Design Festival 2013.

The ‘Louvres’ Desk, which represented the first point of contact for visitors to the Victoria & Albert museum during the London Design Festival 2013, was designed by a young team of designers from Giles Miller Studio who were fascinated by the manipulation of light and reflection in the DuPont Corian surfaces. The curved desk was made from ultra-versatile DuPont Corian high-tech surface, machined into a specially designed finish created by Giles Miller Studio.

Inspired by the classic louvre slats, the Giles Miller Studio designers generated panels featuring various levels of directional reflection inlaid into the surface. The panels interplay with the light depending on their orientation and the effect is beautifully fulfilled in this dazzling display of geometric reflection. The depth of texture in the design was further enhanced by the application of Deep Nocturne, a dark and saturated shade of black, and the first colour created with the new DeepColour Technology as part of the ‘Endless Evolution’ initiative for DuPont Corian.

The curved desk was fabricated using several techniques including engraving of a 5-axis CNC machined surface pattern, and seamless joining to achieve the elegant curvature of the design for a sleek, monolithic effect. Positioned in the main foyer of the V&A museum as an iconic emblem and focal point for information about the London Design Festival, the desk will be reused every year.

Giles Miller enjoyed the experience of working with DuPont Corian, applying their studio’s surface techniques to what he describes as ‘an intriguing, adaptable and functional material’.

An innovative solid surface with a vast and inspiring application range that opens up new horizons for design, DuPont Corian combines beauty, durability and versatility, and can be applied to almost any conceivable design scheme or sector, from interior to exterior, and in curved or angular, flat or textured, and functional or decorative applications.

Available in over 80 colours, DuPont Corian can be shaped into virtually any design and is joined seamlessly to create sleek, strong, hygienic and easy-care surfaces.