Dianella prunina Utopia looks good and will complement other plants in the Foliage First range.

Dianella prunina Utopia will be an attractive feature for all gardens adding thrilling colours to any landscape.

For most soil types and conditions excluding predominantly wet areas. Dianella prunina Utopia is suitable for all states up to South East Queensland, as far north as the Sunshine Coast.

Dianella prunina Utopia has contrasting colours among its foliage, which sporadically twists and turns providing a unique look for gardeners and landscapers.

One of the good features of Dianella prunina Utopia is that not only does it look amazing it is easy to maintain.

Dianella prunina Utopia adds a unique colour perspective to the landscape and is hardy, drought and frost tolerant.

When planting ensure that the base of the plant is not covered with mulch or soil and plant in a well mulched garden. Fertilise with a slow release fertiliser after two months, and then only if required.

Trim older foliage when required. Once established do not over water the plant.

Dianella prunina Utopia is available from Diversity Plant Propagation.