Native lavender grass, from Diversity Plant Propagation , is a small growing grass featuring attractive, deep lavender coloured seed heads for most of the year.

An Australian native, Elvera will reach full size within one year. Plants need little or no maintenance, thrive in most soils and are drought and frost tolerant.

Elvera is ideal for mass planting in garden beds, borders, golf courses and sloping sites. Elvera is bird attracting.

Elvera is a quick growing, highly ornamental grass, well suited to providing a cover plant for the slower growing strappy leaf plants.

Simply plant 6 Elvera Viro-Cells amongst Lomandra, Dianella etc, and for the first 1 or 2 years as the slower growing but larger plants reach maturity, Elvera will provide ground cover and something nice to look at. After a few years the strappy leaf plants will dominate. Elvera also works well mixed with Imperata.

Elvera can also be planted on its own at high planting rates of 25 to 30 per square metre. This is particularly good for those who want a true grassy look, with an interesting seed head. Elvera is suited to most soil types and grows to an average height of 35cm. Grows well in NSW, VIC, QLD, SA and WA. Elvera is not well suited to cold climates such as Canberra and Ballarat.