Aluline, a new shopfitting programme from Display Design , provides an innovative solution for a wide range of general display requirements.

Extruded from lightweight, durable aluminium, the Aluline display system features a selection of horizontal rails engineered to fit directly into timber, pre-finished or laminated boards.

Accommodating panels ranging from 12-19mm in thickness, Aluline rails can be fitted to specification at the required spacing and sit flush to the panel surface, creating a discreet, unobtrusive outline.

Accompanying the Aluline display system is a wide selection of quality merchandise support accessories, which simply slot from the front, into the Aluline rail.

Additionally, a notable key design feature of the Aluline display system enables the ability to insert 6mm glass or acrylic shelves directly into the rail. Once in place, shelves are secured within the profile, independent of the need for additional support bracketing.

Offering even greater design flexibility, Aluline display system possesses a complementary range of puck based hardware componentry.

The Alupuc carrier socket shares the same Aluline back plate enabling full and free interchange of hardware and accessories across both systems.