Now available from Display Design , Elypse display systems are engineered to inspire creative display solutions in any retail space.

Consisting of slimline, freestanding or fixed framework, Elypse display systems are made up of vertical aluminium extrusions and horizontal bars, with feet and support accessories.

Elypse display systems can be configured for almost any display requirement. They can accommodate acrylic display pockets, brochure holders, lighting, or shelving, all of which can be combined to create a visual display concept that is sure to show products in an eye catching fashion.

Elypse display systems are available ex stock in an attractive, satin anodised finish, and other colours and finishes are available on order. 

The Elypse range of display systems includes:

  • Elypse Ceiling Hanging - are ideal for maximising space these display systems can be hung from window displays to showrooms
  • Elypse Floor to Ceiling - give maximum use of vertical space and have a range of customisable obtions
  • Elypse Floor - are easily transportable and interchangeable and ideal for brochure and banner display at showrooms and exhibitions
  • Elypse Connection Rail - can be used in conjunction with cable kits and connectors to create a stylish custom display solution.