Available from Display Design , eco LED display light boxes boast a superior lamp life expectancy with bright and clear illumination.

These energy efficient display light boxes are powered directly via mains electricity or solar panel, using up to 75% less power that traditional “T” type lamp backlit light boxes.

Essentially, LED lamps produce more light and less heat per watt than incandescent lamps with virtually no heat emission, making them ideal for use in store signage and illuminated advertising displays.

eco LED light panels are moisture resistant and suitable for use in high humidity environments and feature a super slim profile of just 16mm, making them ideal for wall mounting. They can also be built into freestanding display modules and cabinets.

These display panels also feature a spring loaded snap frame to all edges, making it simple and quick to change images as required.

eco LED light boxes are suitable for both single and double sided information display and can be manufactured to specification up to a maximum size of 1200mm x 3000mm.