Diamond Fusion Australia  offers glass, tiles, balustrades and so on which are easy to maintain. This company has developed the patented Diamond Fusion technology for a cleaner and smoother surface on glass, porcelain, tiles etc.

Glazing is done for tiles for providing a smoother surface. Yet pores are found even after glazing. Soap, shampoo and other residue make the tiles look dull. These also stain the surface of the tiles. Diamond Fusion blocks the pores and reduces the staining and dullness. A single application of Diamond Fusion technology from Diamond Fusion Australia lasts for years on tiles including swimming pool tiles.

Exterior glass screens are gaining popularity and these are found in homes, decks, pools and balconies. Diamond Fusion applied on these glass screens solves the problems which arise due to sprinklers. It also makes the glass water repellent. By the use of this technology from Diamond Fusion Australia, water spots take a longer to appear. Removal of these spots is also easier. This technology also makes dirt and debris run off the tiles. Maintenance is reduced by 90% through the Diamond Fusion technology.