Diamond Fusion Australia  is the licensee of Diamond-Fusion for the Australasian region. Diamond-Fusion is a patented technology which protects surfaces like tiles, glass, porcelain, granite and silica based surfaces.

The products offered by Diamond Fusion Australia include shower screens, tiles, balustrades, pool fencing, skylights and glass roofs. Diamond Fusion is a product from Diamond Fusion Australia. This product uses the Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) process which creates a mist or a vapour of a formulated chemical.

Surfaces like glass, ceramic, tiles, porcelain absorb the vapour which fills in the microscopic space. Thus the surface of the tile or glass becomes smoother. Diamond Fusion from Diamond Fusion Australia also caps the molecule chains and increases the durability and repellency. Through this technology an optically clear material with a protective layer is achieved.

Diamond Fusion Australia offers shower screens which are easy to maintain. Glass is difficult to maintain as it is prone to dirt. Diamond Fusion technology closes the pores in the glass and reduces stains in the glass. Diamond Fusion thus eliminates the need for shower sprays. This technology from Diamond Fusion Australia also reduces maintenance efforts of glass by 90%. It makes the surface that’s treated water repellent to avoid further staining and greasing.