Little Audrey, a famous illuminated neon sign in Melbourne was removed with a 25 tonne crane and transported back to Delta Neon in Heidelberg Heights.

Delta Neon later discovered that the sign was made of vitreous enamel and the majority of surface was in good condition. With little facial restoration, Delta Neon plan to restore the sign to its original condition.

Delta Neon removed the rusted sheeting, re-skinned and then reinforced the underside areas where water had gathered. Delta Neon removed all the neon tubing and made identical layouts of every piece of neon. They are now in the process of replicating all the neon tubes in colours matching the original neon.

Delta Neon will replace all transformers, wiring and neon tubes, then rebuild and use the original ‘Scott Animation’ controller. However, the lower part of Vinegar sign was completely rusted and Delta Neon will make a replica sign box replacement.

National Trust of Australia, AGL and the public have donated in support of this restoration project.

AGL, Australia’s integrated renewable energy company, will provide annual maintenance funding and energy to power ‘Little Audrey’ sign with AGL Green Energy, which is a 100% GreenPower accredited product, over the next five years.

AGL responded to the public call from the National Trust of Australia (Victoria) for Victorians to 'Help Audrey Skip Again'. Together with the Heritage Council of Victoria, the Melbourne Restoration Fund and public donations, AGL are helping to get the neon sign back to its original place.