Dekstrip rubber strips from DEKS Industries offer the right solution for flashing problems in commercial and industrial roofing projects.
Commercial and industrial roofing applications often present situations where normal flashing techniques may not provide the result required, especially with large square or round penetrations or skylights that can be difficult to flash. Another problem typically encountered is when flashing dissimilar materials such as brick to steel, fibre cement to metal, or concrete to aluminium, especially where vibration or thermal expansion is likely.
Dekstrip rubber strips manufactured in Australia by DEKS Industries, solves all these problems and many more. Featuring an expandable metal edge running on either side of the 235mm wide rubber strip, Dekstrip makes for a fast, neat and watertight fit for multiple roofing applications.
Usually fixed with fasteners, Dekstrip can also be heat welded at corner details on square penetrations for added security. The light grey Dekstrip blends with most Zincalume roofs, but can be painted after installation to match any roof colour. Dekstrip is available in 10m and 3.1m rolls.
Applications of Dekstrip rubber strips: 

  • Makes an excellent expansion joint for box gutters, allowing movement without leaking
  • Fast and easy to install for flashing large square or round ducts or chimneys without requiring pre-fabricated soakers
  • Expandable edge gives an excellent, watertight finish around large round ducts over 600mm wide
  • Bullnose details create a smooth junction line without any pre-fabricated material using flexible Dekstrip