Dektite flashings from DEKS Industries are ideal for metal, slate or tiled roofs and can withstand UV degradation.

Dektite flashings can be used on high temperature outlets such as flues and chimneys as the specially formulated EPDM flashing can withstand constant temperatures at the roofline from -50ºC to 115ºC and up to 150ºC intermittently without degradation. The silicone Dektite (red colour) can withstand constant temperatures at the roofline of 200ºC and up to 250ºC intermittently.

Independent laboratory tests show that the specially formulated EPDM and silicone used in making Dektite flashings will withstand UV degradation in extremely harsh environments for periods longer than the 20-year warranty period. Dektites can be used in cyclonic areas with additional fittings.

Thanks to their unique EPDM and silicone formulations, Dektite flashings are highly resistant to ember attacks. The flashing has been independently tested for flammability to standards such as ASTM D635, UL94, IEC 60695-11-10 and IAPMO 817, which provide the assurance that DEKS compounds do not ignite under ember attack or support the spread of flame. Dektites are however, not recommended for use in a ‘Fire Zone’.

Dektite flashings are also available for solar panel installations on metal or tile roofs. For use on tiled or slate roofs, the standard Original or Premium Dektite may be used in conjunction with DEKS’ unique hybrid polymer sealant/adhesive. Dektite EPDM flashings can be painted in different colours after installation using 100% acrylic paint.

Dektite flashings are also available to flash square penetrations through the roof. Dektite Combo Square flashing is specifically designed for both new installations and retrofits with special clips provided for retrofit applications. These flashings are suitable for square penetrations between 20mm and 125mm. Dektite Diverters, DekStrip, Perform or Fast Flash are recommended for larger square penetrations.

Dektite Diverter can flash pipes up to 610mm in diameter. Larger pipes can be flashed using the Dektite Combo range up to 750mm maximum size. Larger or irregular sizes can be sealed using DekStrip, Perform and Fast Flash. However, Dektite should not be used on an unapproved flue discharging from a wood combustion or other high temperature appliance.

DEKS recommends the use of a neutral care, low modulus silicone sealant from a reputable manufacturer. For installation, Class 3 or Class 4 hex head self-drilling screws min. 16mm long assembled with DEKS washers are recommended. Alternatively, pop (sealed) rivets can be used when fixing Dektite flashings.