Splashbacks are a staple in kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms. Typically created using tiles, splashbacks can be customised using colour and design to become a striking standout feature in the kitchen or bathroom. However, tiled splashbacks demand ongoing cleaning to prevent build-up of grease or mould. Decorative Imaging offers a low maintenance and durable solution with their DecoSplash range of powder-coated aluminium splashbacks.

Deco’s new DecoSplash range offers you the attractive look of tiles without the hassle of maintenance. Made from 100% aluminium, the splashbacks are powder-coated with a highly durable polyurethane finish and the selected image, pattern or design is sublimated into the powder-coated finish. Designers and homeowners can now customise their splashbacks with a pattern of their choice using a high-resolution photograph or graphic.

DecoSplash is safe to use in bathrooms and laundries as well as in kitchens behind stovetops and sinks. The smooth, glossy aluminium surface only requires a simple spray-and-wipe cleaning routine to keep it looking brand new. These splashbacks can also be used as a wet area lining material without any additional waterproofing.

DecoSplash splashbacks are available in large sheets and can be cut to custom sizes to suit the application. 

Tile-inspired DecoSplash looks for your next kitchen or bathroom makeover

The Subway Tile Splashback

Inspired by New York’s subway, the subway tile’s rectangular shape provides an urban look that fits into any home or retail setting. Choose from a range of colours and sizes to create the perfect subway tile splashback for your space. 

The Mosaic Tile Splashback

Traditional mosaic tiles date back over four thousand years; however, DecoSplash contemporises the ancient look with modern symmetrical designs ranging from stone penny circles to hexagon or small square tiles.

The Moroccan Tile Splashback

The intricate and stunning hand-painted designs of Moroccan tiles are recreated on DecoSplash splashbacks – as bright and colourful as the original tiles! Replicate the look on DecoSplash for an original, low maintenance splashback.

The Feature Tile Splashback

Looking for a dramatic and bold feature in your kitchen or bathroom? Make an impressive statement with a feature tile splashback. DecoSplash offers a range of tile design options that will make an impact in any room.