This signature architectural design from Sydney-based firm Dezcon has been thrust into the spotlight thanks to the home being the major drawcard in PR Queen Roxy Jacenko’s latest campaign to promote her brand bootcamp course. Drawing back the curtain on this recently renovated $10 million Cronulla property unveils its magnificent Mediterranean-inspired facade featuring the contemporary lines of DecoBatten®.


Highlighted against the light-rendered backdrop and framed by expansive arched windows, DecoBatten's timber accents, finished in DecoWood®, imbue the facade with a subtle yet inviting warmth. Its vertical application not only lends support to the grand two-storey structure but also exudes an aura of opulence and luxury.

Dezcon's deliberate choice of DecoBatten for this project speaks volumes about their commitment to distinctive design. As seen in their renowned project, The Alice, DecoBatten stands as a testament to the firm's dedication to architectural excellence and innovation.

Beyond its aesthetic allure, DecoBatten offers practical advantages perfectly suited for waterfront living. Crafted from durable aluminium and boasting a super durable DecoWood powdercoat finish, it promises longevity and requires minimal upkeep. These qualities make DecoBatten an ideal choice for enhancing both the beauty and functionality of upscale residential properties – like this one in Cronulla.