DECO Australia, a leader in timber-look aluminium building products, has introduced a new lightweight 40mm profile to their two-piece DecoBatten® QuickClick™ range.

Available in 40x40mm and 40x20mm (WxD) profiles as well as a 40x80mm profile due out later this year, the new 40mm aluminium battens bridge the gap between DecoBatten’s current 50mm and 25mm Series.

Innovatively designed, the new 40mm Series now offers the lightest batten profile in the QuickClick range and provides even greater design flexibility in applications where weight is a key consideration, such as batten garage doors, for example.

“It’s not just an extension of our current DecoBatten range.” said general manager Richard Hamber. “The 40mm Series has been innovatively designed to offer our lightest two-piece batten solution, saving over two kilograms* per square metre compared to our other profiles.”

As well as the three batten covers, the 40mm Series includes three base options: a standard single base with no visible fixings; a single SpaceBase™ offering a ‘leg’ to create a fully enclosed batten cladding system with a perfect 40mm spacing; and a Double SpaceBase™ that can fix two batten covers with a 20mm gap.

Aligned with more traditional timber batten sizes, the aluminium 40mm DecoBatten QuickClick Series is the perfect option when looking for a more durable and long-lasting timber alternative – especially when replacing existing battens that have rotted, warped or degraded in the harsh Australian climates. Pre-finished in a choice of DECO’s wide range of low-maintenance finishes, including their leading Super Durable™ DecoWood® powdercoat finish, no one will ever know that it’s not real timber.

Made in Australia from non-combustible aluminium, DecoBatten offers a durable and low maintenance option for your next project.

*When compared to the next lightest profile, based on spacing 50 per cent of the batten width.