In Australia, construction costs are skyrocketing. The Australian Financial Review reported in 2017 that Sydney is 18th in the world in terms of construction costs per square metre, trailing close behind high value markets such as New York. As clients become more cost-conscious, there is increasing demand for building solutions that deliver performance, value and modern aesthetics. Designers and specifiers are seeking solutions that offer effortless architectural style and versatility, without compromising on functionality, especially for architectural components that must comply with the stringent performance requirements of the National Construction Code.

High performing alternatives to premium building materials such as timber are becoming increasingly popular, especially with respect to fundamental building components such as battens and beams. Fully-featured aluminium battens and beams, which replicate the form, feel and function of luxurious timber, are one such alternative. DecoBatten’s Timber-look Battens and Beams, including the new two-piece 'Click & Snap' Two-Piece Battens, are a modern, no-fuss building solution that offers superior design flexibility and significant cost savings for residential and commercial projects. 

Made in Australia by DECO, DecoBatten’s Timber-look Battens and Beams are aluminium products finished with the Super DurableTM DecoWood powder coating to match the natural warmth and character of luxurious timber. With no requirement for sanding, painting or staining, DecoBattens provide effortless, contemporary style and are also lightweight and easy to install, reducing labour costs and construction time.

Suitable for residential and commercial projects of any size, DecoBattens can be used in a variety of applications, from small vertical applications from  a floating fence to oversized beams in a statement piece. DecoBattens are available in batten sizes from 32 x 32mm to 300 x 50mm, and in a wide range of colours and finishes showcasing DECO’s signature high-quality photo imaging (sublimation) technology.

DecoBatten’s new ‘Click & Snap’ architectural two-piece aluminium batten system offers an even easier to use, more seamless batten system. Designed to enable no-fuss installation with a concealed fixing option, the Click & Snap two-part system is engineered for a secure grip and allows battens to be secured directly to a surface with no need for frames and mounts. With a simple interchangeable design, the two-part batten system provides designers with design flexibility, supporting a variety of design sequences. A concealed base enables a clean, contemporary look and a professional finish. 

With five featured profiles, the exclusive Click & Snap system is ideal for almost any internal or external application, including solid walls and ceilings. Each profile can be attached directly to a building surface, with multiple cover options including a 50mm Square cover, 100mm or 150mm Rectangle cover, or the new 80mm Radius or 80mm 60-degree Angled covers. Available in standard 6.5m lengths, and in 30 DecoWood finishes and a wide range of plain colours, Click & Snap battens give designers and specifiers maximum freedom to achieve any architectural style. 

DecoBattens are certified non-combustible aluminium battens and are also suitable for bushfire-prone areas. DecoBattens are tested to the requirements set out in AS/NZS 3837-1998. Click & Snap two-piece battens offer a Secure Screw feature which is reinforced to allow for additional fixings that can withstand high stress situations. DecoBattens also come with a 12-year warranty in accordance with AS 3715-2002.

Fully owned and operated in Australia, DECO has been the leading manufacturer of finished aluminium products since 2004. DECO offers high quality, durable finishes alongside an ever-expanding range of architectural products. With their innovative finishing technology, high standards of customer service and commitment to creating high quality, sustainable alternatives to timber, wood composites and PVC building products, DECO meets the evolving needs of the Australian building industry and the wider community.

For more information and to learn more about DecoBattens, including the new  Click & Snap two-piece aluminium batten system, visit the DECO website