DECO Australia, the family-owned Australian manufacturer of timber-look aluminium building products, proudly announces the successful completion of the company’s solar panel installation project at its manufacturing facility in Minto, Southwest Sydney.

The addition of over 950 solar panels further solidifies DECO's commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability. The newly installed solar panels will bring DECO’s total solar energy capability to over 500 kilowatts and will provide enough energy to power approximately 60 per cent of the company’s operations. That’s equivalent to powering approximately 100 average-size homes per year or planting over 10,000 trees.

“DECO has always been committed to improving our carbon footprint and we are thrilled to further invest in our renewable energy program through the installation of these additional solar panels,” said Richard Hamber, general manager of DECO Australia.

The additional 400 kilowatts generated by the new solar panels will specifically contribute to powering two of DECO's largest production lines, resulting in a substantial reduction in the company's overall carbon emissions. This initiative aligns with DECO's dedication to providing cleaner, greener building materials, addressing the growing demand from specifiers, builders, and end-users for sustainable products.

“Reducing environmental impact is a strategic focus for DECO and we understand that it aligns with our customers’ priorities too. Manufacturing lower carbon products is not merely a preference; it has become a necessity for those specifiers, builders and homeowners who are making conscious decisions to source greener building materials and products for their projects,” said Hamber.

This latest sustainability initiative from DECO represents a significant investment for the company and showcases their commitment to a cleaner industry. With ever changing building codes, such as the introduction of the NSW Government’s ‘BASIX Material Index’ in October this year, DECO remains committed to reducing the embodied carbon of their building materials and supporting the industry’s transition to greener practices.

DECO's sustainability efforts extend beyond energy initiatives. In June 2023, the company became the first building products manufacturer to transition to LocAl Green lower carbon aluminium across all its extruded products supplied by Capral Aluminium, significantly reducing CO2e emissions.

DECO Australia’s solar energy system was installed by Macarthur Solar.