DECO Australia has recently unveiled a brand new internal flooring system made from aluminium and finished to replicate the form, feel and appearance of real timber floorboards.

DecoFloor, the newest release from the leading aluminium building products manufacturer, combines the durability, performance and long-lasting properties of aluminium with the natural aesthetic of timber to offer a first-of-its-kind floorboard product in the Australian flooring industry.

Made from solid, powder-coated aluminium for a durable and long-lasting flooring solution for any space and environment, DecoFloor delivers the advantages of non-combustibility, moisture and termite resistance, simple installation and maintenance, and a choice of premium woodgrain finishes to any project. Unlike traditional timber and laminate floors, DecoFloor will never rot, warp or swell after installation.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, the patent pending DecoFloor comes in long 5.4-metre extruded aluminium floorboards with the precision and consistency across each board allowing for effective design planning and exceptional material utilisation with minimal wastage. The innovative interlocking design allows the boards to simply ‘snap’ together for a seamless finish with no unsightly nails or trims.

DecoFloor can be installed directly on any suitable base including concrete; however, a flooring underlay is recommended.

DECO Australia’s research and development manager and DecoFloor designer Richard Hamber believes DecoFloor will revolutionise the way specifiers, builders and installers approach floor covering solutions.

“This is a one-of-a-kind in flooring design,” he said. “We designed the DecoFloor system with simplicity and ease in mind. The aluminium floorboards simply snap together with an interlocking design, and when coupled with the realistic woodgrain finish, the result is ground-breaking. Imagine a flooring solution that is durable, fire-safe and effortless to maintain – the benefits are infinite.”

DecoFloor’s natural timber appearance comes from DECO’s innovative sublimation powdercoating technology that creates a super durable and realistic timber-look finish across each floorboard. These aluminium floorboards are available in a choice of 25 premium DecoWood woodgrain finishes, including popular Australian natural hardwoods and various exotic timber species, enabling designers to match their design palette.

Additionally, unlike real timber floors, DecoFloor timber look floors will never ever need sanding, staining or oiling to maintain the appearance. Maintenance is restricted to the usual sweep, mop or vacuum, making DecoFloor truly an effortless and beautiful flooring solution.

Featuring a P2 slip resistance rating, DecoFloor is suitable for a wide range of residential and commercial applications, including areas where a non-combustible material must be used.

Photos: Deco Australia