One of the most common questions about DecoWood raised at exhibitions and shows pertains to its resistance to fading, especially in harsh environments.

DecoWood is the ideal solution for designers and homeowners looking for an alternative to timber, which quickly turns silvery-grey in Australia’s harsh climate if not maintained properly, as well as composite wood, which fades faster than timber. Given the susceptibility of various materials to fading, there are concerns about the durability of the DecoWood timber grain finish.

DecoWood from Decorative Imaging is a textured woodgrain finish for aluminium windows, doors, decks, fences, screens, cladding, shutters, louvres, gates and facades among many more.

DecoWood is classified ‘Super Durable’ - one of the highest classes set by Qualicoat, the international powder coating standard.

To comply with this standard, DecoWood is tested for years in Florida and Venice where there are high levels of the most corrosive environmental elements, including UV radiation, salt spray, humidity and pollution.

Among the many tests conducted on DecoWood, this is considered the most important since the testing occurs in real conditions. Changes in colour and gloss are measured regularly and must be within a strict limit specified by Qualicoat to be classified as ‘Super Durable’.

For the end user, the homeowner, this means all DecoWood finish products from windows and patio screens to shutters and garage doors will retain their beautiful timber colouring for many years, practically without maintenance even if they are exposed to the sun all day.

For instance, new DecoWood bifold windows and doors were installed 10 years ago at the Bombora Seafood Restaurant, situated in Wollongong harbour literally over the water. Consequently, these DecoWood products were exposed to the harsh sun and the corrosive effects of the salt spray.

Recently, the DecoWood installation at the restaurant was photographed again. Though some colour richness has been lost due to the highly corrosive environment and northern exposure, the colour and grain pattern of the finish is still strong, without needing any touch-up.