DecoDeck, the aluminium decking system from DECO was installed at the Bayview Marina in Darwin to replace the existing deck.

Timber decking products or timber composites face unique problems when installed in a tropical climate. When it was time to replace the deck at the Bayview Marina, which was situated in a picturesque, upmarket part of Darwin, the Bayview Marina Body Corporate began searching for a more durable alternative. The brief sought a deck that was visually appealing and low maintenance, and had the ability to withstand the harsh conditions of its environment. Given the hot climate, they also wanted a highly-durable, woodgrain, marine-grade deck that was comfortable to walk on. The timber-finish DecoDeck from DECO was the answer.

Unlike its timber and composite decking counterparts that retain heat in direct sunlight and can be hot to walk on, DECO’s sublimated, powder-coated aluminium decking is comfortable underfoot on any hot day.

However, since the Body Corporate was sceptical of this claim, its Chairman had a DecoDeck aluminium decking system installed in his own home to trial the product before specifying it. He was surprised and delighted to discover that his deck, which had a beautiful timber appearance, was comfortable to walk on during a hot Darwin day.

DecoDeck was chosen as the Marina’s new decking material and sold through Capral Aluminium.

The new deck was built in DecoWood’s Natural Casuarina finish for a beautiful timber look without the need for ongoing maintenance. Its Super Durable marine grade polyurethane powder-coating can withstand exposure to the ocean and salt spray, and also has a P4 slip rating ideal for a marina application.