DECO Australia (DECO), leading manufacturer of aluminium buildings products, has partnered with Capral Aluminium (Capral) to supply LocAl Green lower-carbon aluminium. DECO is leading the way by being the first to commit to switching all their Capral aluminium extrusions to LocAl Green.

DECO aluminium profucts

DECO Australia's aluminium products now to be extruded with Capral's LocAl Green lower-carbon aluminium

Announced with the Prime Minister in attendance today, the agreement to switch 100 per cent of DECO’s aluminium supply from Capral to lower-carbon aluminium is an important step in DECO’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions.

“Capral Aluminium is Australia’s largest aluminium extruder, and we are pleased to announce today that DECO Australia and Capral have reached agreement for Capral to supply DECO with lower-carbon aluminium to assist in producing more environmentally friendly building products,” said Ross Doonan, founder and director of DECO Australia.

DECO’s commitment to LocAl Green aluminium is part of the company’s Sustainable Framework, which has a core environmental commitment to reducing emissions across the business, including their product offerings.

“We are continuously looking to improve our responsible material sourcing and this agreement with Capral Aluminium will assist in reducing the emissions intensity of one of our major material inputs,” said Richard Hamber, general manager of DECO Australia.

“The switch to LocAl Green aluminium will also directly support our customers across the architectural and building industries by supplying aluminium building products made from responsibly sourced, lower-carbon aluminium, helping them to achieve their own sustainable initiatives and outcomes.”

The LocAl Green aluminium has the same technical properties as primary aluminium; however, it is produced using lower emission energy sources and therefore reduces the embedded carbon of the aluminium by 50 per cent (when compared to the global average for primary aluminium).

“We have worked together to ensure we can support DECO on their sustainability journey,” said Luke Hawkins, Capral’s general manager of industrial and procurement. “This is what it’s all about, making it possible for Australian manufacturers to make responsible and sustainable procurement decisions around aluminium.”

DECO Australia has long been dedicated to investing in innovative and sustainable outcomes for the Australian building industry. The partnership between DECO and Capral, and their combined commitment to lower-carbon aluminium, are set to pave the way for a cleaner and greener building industry.

DECO will start receiving the supply of LocAl Green lower-carbon aluminium from June 2023.

Image: (L-R) Richard Hamber, General Manager, DECO Australia; Mary-Anne Inguanez, Account Manager Industrial Products, Capral Aluminium; Luke Hawkins, General Manager of Industrial and Procurement, Capral Aluminium; Mark Murray, Sales & Market Manager Industrial Sales, Capral Aluminium; Prime Minister, the hon Anthony Albanese MP; Graeme Mackenzie, Regional General Manager Northern, Capral Aluminium; Meika Doonan, Strategic Director, DECO Australia; Ross Doonan, Founder & Director, DECO Australia