A fully developed outdoor space is an essential part of home design with its multipurpose nature allowing residents to use it in different ways. Outdoor spaces are very popular as entertaining areas as well as for quiet relaxation. DECO offers a range of stylish options that can be considered for creating an on-trend outdoor space in your backyard.

A deck for your backyard

Begin with the deck – a highly functional area that can host everything from outdoor parties to family gatherings while still providing space for some quiet time alone. No garden or outdoor area would be complete without a deck. Get innovative and use leftover decking material to create a seat, a built-in storage box, or an extended living area that flows from the indoors to the outdoor space. DECO’s timber-look aluminium decking product, DecoDeck is a premium, durable and attractive decking material, designed to endure even the harshest of Australian conditions.

Timber look batten screens for privacy

Whether you are entertaining or enjoying some time alone, having some privacy from the outside world is always welcome. DECO’s timber-look batten privacy screens from the DecoBatten range block out prying eyes, adding privacy, while allowing light and shade into the space. These timber look batten screens also pair well with native plants or add a stunning contrast to modern materials such as concrete or brick. DecoBatten can be spaced narrowly for extra privacy or widely for a more open space. In addition to offering a highly durable timber-look batten option for privacy screens, DecoBatten also minimises the maintenance and weathering of real timber. These privacy screens come in a wide range of sizes and elegant designs for mix-and-match flexibility.

Decorative ceiling panels

If your outdoor area features an overhanging ceiling, you can add cladding to create a visually pleasing statement feature. You can also use cladding to seamlessly transition undercover areas into the rest of the outdoor space. DECO’s timber-look cladding product, DecoClad offers an aesthetically stunning alternative to timber-clad ceilings. Made from solid aluminium, it requires no maintenance, will not weather like real timber, and is safe for use even in bushfire areas, while retaining the natural timber aesthetic. DECO recommends lighter ceiling colours for cladded ceilings – being on the underside, ceilings always appear darker once installed.

Opening roof for your alfresco space

Those who don’t have an overhanging ceiling can try a timber-look opening roof that allows the alfresco area to be enjoyed throughout the year, regardless of the season or weather. Open and close roof systems allow you to open up your outdoor space to warm sunshine during the cold months, and create a pleasant shaded area during the hot months or a sheltered space when it rains. DECO partners with Opening Roof Specialists to create luxurious opening roof systems finished in DECO’s timber-look finish for aluminium, DecoWood.

Mixing it up for contrast

Make a unique statement in your outdoor area by using different materials, colours and textures to create contrast or add a modern look. Combining different timber grains can add extra warmth, colour and contrast, while mixing up timber-look finishes such as DecoWood with neutral, urban colours such as DECO’s edgy concrete-look finish, DecoCrete can create an on-trend classic-meets-modern aesthetic.