Debetrek  supplies a wide range of flat panel TV mounts such as wall mount, multi wall mount, tilt ceiling, articulated wall mount, universal wall mount, pivot wall, rotating wall mount, swing wall mount, universal flush wall mount, projector flush mount and projector ceiling mount.

Debetrek also supplies a wide range of Visidec monitor mounts such as Visidec direct wall mount, Visidec focus double mount, Visidec articulated wall mount, Visidec freestanding wall mount and Visidec notebook traveller.

Range of Teledec TV brackets include maxispace range and minispace range. Maxispace range includes maxispace small, medium, large, jumbo and wall and ceiling mounts.

Spacedec LCD monitor mounts include donut range and POS range. The donut range includes donut single, donut optional poles, donut pole desk mount options and donut colour options and donut pole desk mount options. The POS range includes POS multi, single, rotating and back to back models.

Spacedec options include screen mount and standard direct mounts. Spacedec arms are compatible with most of the flat panel displays while the direct mount is a stable and secure mount and are ideal for situations where monitors are not required to be removed frequently. Debetrek also supplies an extensive range of ergonomic furniture.