Debetrek  supplies mobile workstations, security products and ergonomic furniture.

Mobile workstation is a new product from Debetrek which functions similarly like a desk bound computer system. Mobile workstations can be used in almost any setting and can be customised to meet the users’ needs. Workstation features include 1.8m pole and lockable wheels along with additional component options such as height adjustable laptop, fixed document holder, folding keyboard and mousetray, adjustable monitor mount, pole monitor mount and CPU power pack holder.

Security products from Debetrek include desktop security cable and laptop security table while the ergonomic furniture range include height adjustable desk systems, conference table base systems, folding table systems, table joining systems, cable management, CPU holders, copy holders, whale mouse and foot rest.

Desktop security table protects valuable equipment from theft and can be installed quickly with simple mounting plates. The cables are coated with heavy vinyl steel while the keyed lock in feature secures up to 3 peripherals.

Features of laptop security include locking of computers and other peripherals to a desk with easy connection to notebook security slot. The laptop security can fit with all notebook computers and is available with a notebook locking kit and heavy duty lock and keys.