D & R Henderson has introduced a new high quality whiteboard developed specifically to simplify installation while delivering better function and performance.

Backed by over 18 months of in-house research and development, the newly improved whiteboard features the clean radiata chip in the substrate to allow ease of cutting without any chipping.

The new whiteboard not only cuts better, but also has less bleed-through in the paper as well as cracks and missing paper. D & R Henderson is working with their primary paper suppliers to ensure the quality of melamine paper, providing peace of mind to the buyer. The board has also been tested for its screw-holding ability, and exceeds industry standards.

D & R Henderson is transitioning completely to Moisture Resistant (MR) substrates, away from their non-MR boards.

The whiteboards are available in multiple sizes including common sizes such as 2400x1200mm, 2400x1800mm, 3600x1200mm and 3600x1800mm sheets, in a choice of 3 finishes: Satin (super smooth), CTX (slightly textured) and the popular Décor (stipple).