A shortfall in supply in the market beginning November last year saw a huge demand for D & R Henderson whiteboards. This has resulted in 41% growth over the last six months for the company – an impressive performance that came from their ability to meet the demand from a wider customer base.

But what is driving the high demand for whiteboards?

Primarily, the shortage of raw materials is impacting manufacturing, which means companies are unable to ensure supplies, resulting in a growing demand.

Global shipping delays, and more recently, the blocked Suez Canal have slowed down the movement of goods. Supply of resin components, which are mostly sourced from Asia, is under pressure, a problem further compounded by rising prices that have accelerated into triple-digit growth in less than 12 months.

Melamine paper supply from countries such as Thailand, Germany and Malaysia is impacted by hard lockdowns due to Covid, increasing delays in manufacturing and shipping.

Another development that is impacting the Australian market is the increased supply into USA, driven by the Biden administration’s economic stimulus drive. This has resulted in materials being redirected to a market that is prepared to pay a higher price than Australia.

Australia’s own building stimulus saw first home buyers racing out to get homes built before the cut-off; this pressure has temporarily eased with the Australian Government extending the construction start date. Additionally, in the absence of global travel, many Australians are renovating their homes with their saved-up ‘holiday money’.

While Australia has historically been relatively self-sufficient with whiteboard, any shortfall before Covid was mainly coming out of South Africa or New Zealand. Pandemic-driven market pressures are likely making other countries retain stocks for their own domestic use.

At D&R Henderson, the substrate fibre for whiteboard comes from Australian Radiata plantation pine, sourced locally. However, the ingredients for making resins and papers are sourced from overseas, impacting all Aussie manufacturers including D&R Henderson.

While this shortfall is expected to continue for some more time, customers are advised to place their orders, with D&R Henderson investing all their resources and efforts to fulfil them.

D&R Henderson melamine moisture resistant whiteboards come in multiple sizes including 2400x1200mm, 2400x1800mm, 3600x1200mm and 3600x1800mm sheets. You can choose from 3 finishes: Satin (super smooth), CTX (slightly textured) and the most popular Décor (stipple).

Please visit drhenderson.com.au to find out more.