Intergeo 2005 is a Mecca for survey and construction products around the world. This year’s exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany was no exception. Geo-Fennel of Baunatal, Germany displayed four new imminent-release products including:

B18 Bipod for GPS Rods and Prism Poles

FMR600 Laser Receiver

S-Digit 60 Electronic Slope Measurer

FS30-XL Elevating Tripod

The products will be released in stages over the next three months.

First cab off the rank will be the Electronic Slope Measurer S-Digit 60. Carrying on from the successful Multi Digit Pro and S-Digit Mini, this model is 600mm long and displays inclination in degrees or per cent. It has a working range of measurement in four lots of 90° and has a very handy automatic digit inversion for overhead measurements (when the instrument is turned upside down, the display automatically turns itself the right way up for easier readings).

The new S-Digit 60 also features the bright laser beam to extend working range as on its bigger Multi Digit Pro brother. This tool also has the Hold-Function to freeze measurement and unique built-in horizontal, vertical and 45°Vials. The base has a 1/4” thread for mounting on a variety of camera tripods or the KS3 mono-pod.

The geo-Fennel S-Digit 60 is supplied ready to go with padded bag and batteries.

Available in November 2005, the retail price is $280.50 including GST.

Machinery operators such as bobcat drivers will welcome the new geo-Fennel FMR 600 Laser Receiver. Compatible with most red rotating diode lasers, it will compliment most applications and brands of lasers on the market.

It can be attached to levelling rods with the supplied clamp or directly to the machine via its built-in magnets. Easy-to-read LCD panel and LEDs with three different levelling tones to indicate heights will make this receiver a popular choice among earthmovers and shakers.

Power supply: 4xAA Alkaline

Operating time: 50 h

Operating temperature: -20° C - +50°C

Size: 170x100x42 mm

Water resistant: IP 66

Weight: 0,96 kg

The FMR600 also features a Memory Function of last received data, and is water resistant (IP66).

Supplied with batteries and hard carry case, the geo-Fennel FRM600 will debut in December 2005 at a retail price of $1,094.50

Also available in December 2005 is the new B 18 Bipod. Designed specifically for GPS Rods and Prism Poles, the B18 is made of lightweight aluminium (2kg) and has a working range of 1.10 to 1.80m.

Featuring quick release leg clamping mechanisms on the legs and secure thumb-screws for rod clamping. Suitable for rods with diameters 19 to 38mm the B18 Bipod is supplied with leg clip and nylon case.

Recommended retail price is $297.00 including GST.

Expected early in January 2006, the FS 30-XL Elevating Tripod is made of aluminium (centre column) and fibreglass (tripod) with an operating range of 1.66 m to a massive 3.80 m, and a safe working load of up to 20 kgs. The mm-gradient centre column has an adjustable range of more than 1.0 metre.

Its legs feature combined quick clamp and screw clamp with stabilising struts between each leg, and the retracted length is just 1.79 m. The FS30-XL weighs in at only 15.6 kg.

Recommended retail price $726.00 including 10 per cent GST.

Available through Policansky .