Just arrived is the new Earthmoving package consisting of the geo-Fennel FL100HA servo self-levelling dual grade laser with FMR700 Machine Control Receiver and in-cab display.

Combining these rugged instruments will increase the levelling performance of any earthmoving business with machinery ranging from bob-cats through to dozers and front-end loaders.

Standard with the FR44 Laser Receiver, remote control and heavy duty case with accessories, the FL100HA Dual Grade Laser Level will compliment the most demanding of operators. This new laser level features fully automatic levelling via servo-control and full dualaxis grade adjustment up to 9 per cent. Accuracy is also an impressive +/-1mm per 10 metres.

Combined with the geo-Fennel FMR700machine control receiver, the laser's working range is increased to 650 metres: more than adequate for the vast majority of users.

The FL100HA also boasts long working times of 30 hours using its NiCd battery pack, or double that to 60 hours if you prefer alkaline batteries.

Available from Policansky .