Coleman Rail opted for CTA Australia 's CobbleTac porcelain tactiles and ProStep safety stair nosings as the products provide a permanent solution with the highest level of safety.

According to Phil Smithers, Civil Engineer and Project Manager of Coleman Rail, another reason that CobbleTac porcelain tactiles were chosen for the project was due to its bright colours and textured finish, designed to stop passengers from slipping mishaps.

The ProStep safety stair nosings are fixed from underneath the insert, making them vandal proof.

"Being R13 rated and bright safety yellow, they are very safe where it matters most, on the edge of steps where frantic pedestrians often  slip or miss the step completely," explained Smithers of the ProStep stair nosings.

With the Federal government introducing new laws for greater rail accessibility for the disabled, a significant proportion of tram stops will need to conform to safety and access requirements. This will include the introduction of safety features and implementation of access systems such as tactile guidance systems and stair nosings.

As the products exceeded all expectations, Coleman Rail also asked CTS to supply ProStep and CobbleTac Inlaid, Permanent Porcelain Tactiles for its Adelaide 1.6km rail extension project.