CTA Australia puts metal to the Hyundai pedal, by installing its SureSteel tactile surface indicators at its new Sydney head office in Macquarie Park.

The SureSteel tactiles complement and enhance the facility's visionary, eco-friendly building. The new state-of-the-art facility is 4.5 Green Start certified Rated, featuring exterior sun shades and awnings, solar powered hot water, solar-rated glass and greywater and stormwater tanks.

The addition of the attractive SureSteel tactiles with stepped sideface profiles and concentric ring top surface, ensure that Hyundai's new facility complies with the Building Code of Australia.

The Hyundai head office now meets all aspects of the Australian Standard: Design for Access and Mobility (AS1429.4:2002) and also conforms to the Disability Discrimination Act (1992).

Key advantages of the SureSteel tactiles
  • manufactured from one solid piece of 316 stainless steel
  • designed to last
  • cost competitive
  • anti-slip rating of R13 (tested by CSIRO)