Frankston City is the activity centre of the Mornington Peninsula and south east Melbourne growth corridor. This growing, vibrant community attracts local residents and visitors to its large shopping precinct, educational facilities, health services, and recreational amenities.

Local council clearly understands that in order to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act (1992), they must ensure all persons, including those with disabilities, have safe and independent access to all the facilities within the municipality.

As such, they have recently moved to upgrade a number of their bus stops with the help of CTA Australia . This partnership has seen bus stops throughout the beachside community improved with CTA Australia’s unique, 600x900mm, retrofit PolyPad tactile warning indicators.

Safety at bus stops along the busy Nepean Highway has been enhanced with bright, highly visible, Yellow PolyPad, while stops at the Frankston Transit Interchange feature the PolyPad in Ivory colour. These PolyPad tactile warning indicators meet the 30% luminance contrast and dimensional requirements of the Australian Standard: Design for Access and Mobility - AS1428.4:2002.

They also achieve a safety rating of R11 as tested by the CSIRO. Vision impaired residents and visitors to Frankston City will now be able to find their way with dignity by using these safe and effective visual and tactile cues.

CTA PolyPad products are made from a blend of premium polymeric materials and are tested in Australia to ensure that they withstand Australia’s harsh conditions. The flexibility of the product allows it to curve to the contours of any substrate, thereby lessening the environmental impact and overall cost of installation.

Easy and quick to install, the edges of the PolyPad used in Frankston City have been beaded to eliminate any possible chance of lifting after bonding to the concrete and bitumen substrates. At the same time, the 600x900mm size reduces the number of joins required, and thereby provides a smoother, cleaner appearance. Moisture ingress is also greatly reduced, making product failure virtually impossible. The durability of CTA PolyPad will be an asset for the seaside community, where extremes in weather and UV light would test a lesser product.