CS TrackSystems from CS Cavity Sliders are an innovative range of track systems designed for various sliding doorway applications.  

Based on the one-piece heavy duty track extrusions used in the original CS CavitySliders units, these  sliding track systems are available in various options to meet specific application needs.  

CS WallMountTrack track systems are designed for use with surface sliding doors where there is enough strength in the wall to side mount a track system above an opening. The track is supplied with premachined fixing slots for quick and easy installation.    

A pre-finished, removable aluminium pelmet with end caps that neatly conceals the top of the door, track and carriage system is also provided.  

Key features of CS WallMountTrack track systems: 

  • Recommended for use with the CS ForDoors range 
  • Available in lengths up to 7m 
  • High-quality, heavy duty extruded aluminium track 
  • Removable pelmet aids future servicing requirements 
  • Pelmets may be anodised or powder-coated in a range of colour options 
  • Carriages cannot jump off the track 
  • Can take standard and non-standard sized doors up to a maximum of 40mm thickness and 240kg weight 
  • Track can be configured to suit Single, Bi-Parting or CornerMeeting options 
  • Carriage access notch in track 

Components of CS WallMountTrack track systems: 


  • Single or bi-parting 2-wheel or 4-wheel carriage and mounting plate system 
  • Aluminium T-guides and track stops 
  • End caps are provided pre-finished and attached to both ends of the track