CS OvertakingDoors from CS Cavity Sliders are a unique range of cavity sliding doors that allows multiple doors to slide back into the same cavity. These sliding door systems are custom manufactured to suit two to five doors.  

Cavity slider refers to the cavity installed within wall framing to allow a door to slide inside the wall, leaving clear space on both sides of the wall and opening while encouraging cohesion between rooms.  

Incorporating multiple tracks and an overtaking pick-up and door guide system, CS OvertakingDoors are designed to achieve maximum width openings with minimum cavity depths. The cavity depth becomes smaller for every extra door added while the clear opening becomes larger.  

CS OvertakingDoors are ideal as room dividers in open plan living, commercial and educational environments. Maximum door sizes vary depending on the number of doors used.  

Key features of CS OvertakingDoors: 

  • Heavy duty, one piece extruded aluminium track 
  • Head jambs uniquely designed to eliminate the need for unsightly pelmets 
  • Closing jamb always quoted as standard, will not be supplied if using NoClosingJamb detail 
  • Heavy duty, one piece extruded aluminium back stud 
  • Timber jambs or one-piece aluminium fitted split jambs with wool-pile seals 
  • One-piece overtaking cover board 
  • Pre-primed nogs fitted on both sides and offset for adjacent wall fixing 
  • Extra nogs are available, or can be replaced with a full sheet of ply 
  • Heavy duty, one piece extruded aluminium bottom plate 
  • Skirting blocks fitted on either side of the bottom plate to fix linings and skirting 
  • No visible floor track or guide 
  • Hidden T-guide at the base of the cavity guides the door through the opening 
  • Minimal carriage clearance inside the track ensures the door will not jam or jump off the track 
  • Large diameter wheels with precision ground bearings ensure smooth running on carriages for a long time 
  • Radiuses on track surfaces reduce friction and prevent dust build-up on carriages 
  • 4-wheel carriages standard on all oversized doors 
  • Quick release system allows the door to be removed easily from the cavity without altering door height adjustments