CS Cavity Sliders presents the CaviLock CL200, a residential range of Passage and Privacy handles suitable for cavity and surface sliding doors of 33mm - 40mm thickness. 

CL200 door handles are designed to fit into cavity sliding doors, allowing the door to slide completely back inside the cavity with the edge of the door finishing flush with the face of the pocket.  

The CL200 Privacy set is the latching version of the CL200 door handles. Featuring the same look and dimensions as the CL200 Passage handles, the CL200 Privacy door handles have additional latching/privacy functions.  

CL200 Privacy door handles are suitable for sliding doors in toilets, bathrooms and en suites as well as serveries and also function well as latching handles for double doors. The CL200 Privacy set is not recommended for commercial situations as the handle does not comply with disabled egress requirements.  

The CL200 Privacy door handles can be configured to manual latching or auto latching function, which requires on-site configuration. All components and instructions are included with the product to allow the installer to configure the handle for auto latching.