Crown Doors International has designed and manufactured a range of sophisticated, strong and versatile double glazed Venetian blinds. The collection includes One-Light, Half Light, and Control Unit. The double glazed glass is energy efficient and will save customers up to 70% off their air conditioning bills. They also allow for the optimal amount of light to enter a room and are also very sterile making them ideal for commercial applications such as in hospitals and schools.

The Venetian One Light is extra tough as it uses two layers of toughened glass. It is available in a number of sizes from 2040 millimetres high, to 2400 millimetres high. The Venetian Half Light is suitable for use in laundries or backyards as it allows for privacy and security, but also allows natural light to flow in. The Half Light is virtually maintenance free and requires little cleaning. The Venetian Control Unit controls the opening and closing of the Venetian blinds. Standard sizes fit both Half Light and One Light Venetian blinds but custom made orders can also be arranged.