Crown Doors International has released fourteen solid timber entry doors which are designed to make a great first impression on visitors, and set the overall tone and style of the house. The finest quality timber has been used to ensure the doors are long lasting, durable and strong without compromising on style. The range includes one Felicia door, one Carrea door, two Colonial doors and ten Regal designed doors.

The Carrea P Entry door is made from solid Maple and features a joining door. It can either be 2040 millimetres or 2100 millimetres high. The Felicia P Entry has the option of having heavy mouldings and side lighting of 2040 by 520 millimetres. The Colonial 4P HM CB Entry door features heavy moulding or cricket bat moulding, while the Colonial 6P Entry door has two removable top panels which can be replaced with ‘Orchid Frost’ panels.

The ten Regal solid timber doors are made from Maple and have a number of optional features to suit every customers taste. Panels can be removed and replaced with a number of different glazing options, the mouldings can be heavy or cricket bat, and lead lights can be fitted into the sidelights.