Specialist AV integrator Corporate Initiatives (Ci) worked with the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) to install a giant LED wall, custom designed to provide an interactive digital engagement experience on campus to students, prospective students and visitors.

QUT’s new HiQ Centre at their Gardens Point campus now features a giant interactive screen, installed in partnership with creative technology partner Corporate Initiatives (Ci), a specialist AV integrator highly acclaimed for digital display projects nationally. The project task was to create an interactive and informative engagement space for all the digital aspects of student life, allowing the HiQ Centre to interact with students 24/7.

Ci was able to involve world-leading practitioners such as Videro on this project. QUT was already a valued customer of Videro, which meant Ci could engage the Videro team on this project as well.

Ci installed a right-angled, ultra-high definition LED display, comprising of 567 Videro LED ultra fine (2.4mm) pixel pitch modules, measuring a total of 17.5 metres across all three sections with a height of 2.6 metres, and covering an area of approximately 42 square metres. The content and interaction would be driven by the Videro content management system, one that QUT had already successfully deployed in hundreds of locations.

The latest installation incorporated a new custom version of Videro designed to provide an amazing large-scale interactive experience, something far beyond the reach of an ordinary touch screen. This would allow people to interact in ways more appropriate to a giant display with special custom Videro software allowing them to ‘swoosh’ content from a tablet device to the main display, and automatically enabling ‘Gesture and Swipe’ interactivity via Kinect cameras – very similar to the experience Videro developed for Sega World in Japan.

QUT’s giant screen is able to run 15 videos on the wall simultaneously, all of them smooth and jitter-free, with vivid high quality imagery. Up to ten participants can interact with the wall at the same time, reducing waiting times considerably. Audio is carefully zoned to five individual segments with minimal spill-over. An excellent way to deliver information, the LED wall also features an inbuilt 3D interactive games engine able to take the level of engagement even higher with gaming content.

Additionally, the external-facing portion of the screen can also be used after hours with interaction still possible through the glass.

The new QUT HiQ LED wall successfully combines scale, brightness and high definition imagery with manageable interactivity, creating a game changer solution for the HiQ Centre to engage with students and visitors round-the-clock.