Leading technology integration company, The Ci Group has partnered with Delos to integrate wellness solutions across the spectrum of built environments including corporate workplaces, aged care, hospitality and education.

The Ci Group specialises in human-centric workplace AV technology, display and digital networks, education, hospitality and aged care tech as well as responsive environments. Enabling retrofits in existing interior spaces allows every possible commercial or institutional building to have access to Delos wellness solutions, which can be a game-changer in the current challenging health situation.

With installation teams located in every mainland capital, clients will have access to the full breadth of Delos’ wellness solutions, including air, water, circadian lighting, Mindbreak spaces, specialist hospitality products, aged care products and green walls, as well as products supportive of the new WELL Health-Safety standard. This partnership will also enable the extensive Delos library of Wellness video content to be paired with a comprehensive digital signage network and display capability, and Delos audio content to be paired with a wide range of audio options.

The Ci Group’s ability to integrate technologies provides a collaborative synergy to further the Delos ambition for a better world indoors.

Delos’ corporate offering focuses on five main components: air filtration to help eliminate pathogens, allergens and other airborne pollutants; water purification to remediate water quality concerns; dynamic circadian lighting to help improve energy levels, sleep patterns and productivity; dedicated Wellness facilities incorporating Delos sound and vision; and networked digital display to address other elements of the WELL standard such as mind, nourishment, movement and community.

The Ci Group’s leadership in the human-centric application of technology leverages Delos’ expertise in wellness real estate and technology to provide a sustainable and health-focused working environment to as many Australians as possible.

“It is now more important than ever to take actions that not only respond to today’s public health crisis, but also help prepare us to be even more resilient in the future,” said Delos founder and CEO Paul Scialla. “We know that our buildings are a critical tool in this strategy, and the Ci Group has quickly expanded upon its incredible mission to ensure that health and well-being is a priority across its customer base.”

Research collaborations with leading medical institutions, architects, scientists, and wellness thought leaders have helped Delos introduce wellness standards, programs and solutions into the built environment. Backed by more than seven years of research and rigorous analysis of environmental health impacts on people, Delos and its subsidiaries offer an array of evidence-based technology and solutions for residential, commercial and hospitality spaces.

“The Ci Group is committed to improving the state of the world by enabling individual enterprises to commence the wellness journey through retrospective installation,” says Nicholas Guzzardi, director at The Ci Group.

“Through our partnership with Delos, our clients will be provided the reassurance of evidence-based research in support of the Wellness technology being offered. We very much look forward to bringing the benefit of state of-the-art Delos wellness solutions to more Australian interior spaces than previously possible, individual workplaces, schools and universities, aged care, hospitals, hotels and more,” he added.