GPT, COX Architecture, CBRE (Montlaur), NDY, Bengar Films, Built and the Ci Group worked together to deliver the largest indoor LED lobby project in the southern hemisphere for the Melbourne Central Tower lobby refurbishment project.

For the Melbourne Central Tower lobby, COX has reinterpreted the entire ground floor using a design that better engages with the outside world as well as with the building's inhabitants. The quality of content has a major impact on audience engagement; keeping this in mind, Bengar Films successfully created bespoke motion art through a collaboration with renowned indigenous artist Peter Farmer to connect people with the space on an emotional level. This collaboration also achieved a series of procedural arts, honouring the design elements of the space and creating ever-changing interest for tenants and their visitors.

While COX’s design opens up the building to the outside world, enabling sunlight to enter the space, the natural light is able to successfully coexist with the bright LED image. The skilful work of the technical team combined with the control system installed by the Ci Group helped maintain the integrity of COX’s architectural vision.

In addition to the main screen facing the southwest corner of the building, GPT cleverly installed another screen around the corner – this one would independently function as a presentation screen within the lobby amphitheatre when required. The flexible operation would allow users to display motion art or host presentations, and at other times, show live news or sport to those taking advantage of the casual workspaces thoughtfully provided within the amphitheatre.

View the Melbourne Central Tower lobby video.