The new entry into the commercial market from WMF AG of Germany is the WMF 1000 PRO.

IKEA, Ericsson, Mercedes Benz and the Hilton Hotel group all use WMF coffee machines.

The WMF 1000 PRO is an automatic coffee machine and the machine has the ability to preheat your coffee cup two ways.

You can either keep the cup on top of the machine and let it warm gradually as the machine heats or at a push of a button, hot steam flows slowly from the bottom into the cup heating it evenly.

The duration and thus the temperature of the cup will be determined by you and the only thing which remains cold will be the cup handle.

The other main feature of the automatic coffee machine is the ability to produce up to 12 different coffee combinations including espresso, long black, cappuccino and latte.

You even have the ability to make hot chocolate by pressing the milk button designed to give you as much warm milk as you desire.

This machine is so advanced we have looked for the best solution for the flushing of the milk system. The result is the patented milk system cleaning WMF connect and clean which both works singularly well and is singularly easy.

For flushing the milk system just plug the milk hose into the hot water tube. Afterwards only press the illuminated maintenance key and the milk system is flushed automatically.

As with all WMF machines you can adjust the quantity of coffee for each cup and the amount of water extracted. There is also a height adjustable coffee spout to accommodate large mugs and a pre-ground coffee option for decaf coffee.

If you have an office of up to 40 staff, the WMF 1000 PRO is suitable and is available in Victoria from Corporate Coffee Solutions .

Corporate Coffee Solutions provide technical service and support for all WMF products it sell including preventative maintenance options and service contracts.