Corporate Coffee Solutions  were selected as the winning bidders to supply coffee machines for CGU break out areas and staff canteen.

With 1,400 staff due to move in by the end of August, there was much anticipation in getting a good coffee solution to satisfy the discerning coffee drinkers.

The WMF Presto fully automatic coffee machine was selected, because of its good quality cafe style coffee and performance reliability.

The other reason that Corporate Coffee Solutions were successful with their offer was the variety of coffee blends to choose from.

Corporate Coffee Solutions do not push only 1 coffee blend and thus can cater for a wider variety of tastes.

Jeffrey Vassel explains that the WMF Presto fully automatic coffee machine can cater for medium to large volume sites and with the ability to make hot chocolate as well as all coffee beverages, many corporate offices have chosen WMF Presto fully automatic coffee machine.

The installation took 1 day and the machines were ready well before the majority of staff moved in for their first day.