To get a message across in an inexpensive and eye-catching way, an LED display from Coolon LED Lighting is the ideal solution.

LED displays are simple to install and program with whatever message is desired. There are 6 types of LED display available, ensuring there is a display suitable for a wide range of applications.

LEd displays are ideal for advertising safety messages, promotions, specials, as well as other useful information. 

LED displays from Coolon LED Lighting are available in single colour (red) or tri-colour (red, green and yellow) versions and can be either single or double sided. There are also LED displays suitable for indoor or semi-outdoor applications.

These LED displays can be integrated into a complex network of up to 256 independently addressed displays, with provisions for expansions, modifications and existing systems integration.

Suitable applications for LED displays include:

  • advertising and promotions
  • community/public announcements
  • game shows
  • point of sale advertising
  • promoting events/daily specials
  • providing directions/instructions
  • restaurants/casinos
  • safety/employee messages 
  • shopping hallways/corridors; and
  • trade show promotions.