Coolon LED Lighting 's TunnelLED Luminaire is specifically designed to withstand the most heavily vibrating environments and the most extreme industrial conditions.

The TunnelLED Luminaire is designed to illuminate tunnels, passageways, and industrial walkways and is an ideal replacement for conventional gas discharge lighting technologies.

Boasting optimum failsafe redundancy and delivering a level of CRI emitted light high enough to emulate natural daylight, the TunnelLED Luminaire offers a stable and flicker free solution to reliable industrial lighting free of dangerous stroboscopic effects.

Features and benefits of the TunnelLED Luminaire include:

  • cool operating surface temperature 
  • convenient IP rated junction box for mains connection
  • energy efficiency
  • environmentally friendly with no mercury
  • extra long lifespan (over 50,000 hrs)
  • flicker-free high quality white light
  • high colour rendering
  • high ingress protection rating (IP66+)
  • highly reliable
  • instant power on to full brightness
  • low susceptibilty to vibration
  • maintenance free
  • reduces light pollution
  • safe, low voltage operation
  • suitable for high pressure water cleaning.