Coolon product portfolio includes colour wash series, emblazon light series, power supplies and controllers. Colour wash series from Coolon can be used for theatrical applications. The different models include High power LED Wall Washer and High Power LED Flood light.

LED flood lights from Coolon are known to provide subtle colour effect. Installation of floor lights can be done easily with the aid of rotating equipment and mounting gears. The LED flood lights from Coolon can be used for various applications including casinos, theatres, ceilings, outdoor surfaces, large walls, which include mansion and houses and restaurants. The weight of the flood light is about 4.2 kg.

Coolon also offers the Emblazon light series which makes use of the electronic technology. Touch sensors solves problems due to moving part failure. Emblazon light series from Coolon is known to provide power line control using microcontrollers. Power line networking ability permits the use of the two wires for control signals and power. The LED present in Emblazon Series is small in size and offers resistance against shock, which is suitable for a wide range of applications. The Emblazon series from Coolon includes ELS crayon lamp. ELS crayon lamps consist of stainless steel base with double layer of frosted white glass.