Conveyor & Hoist Rentals  was established in 1977 with the aim of providing hired materials including different types of conveyors, builder's hoists and winches. Conveyor & Hoist Rentals handles variety of small and medium sized materials. Conveyor & Hoist Rentals offers different types of builder's hoists like single barrow hoist, high rise hoist and double barrow hoists.

Single barrow hoists provided by Conveyor & Hoist Rentals are reliable and possess safer rack and pinion drive. It also has a built in loading ramp and is operable in semi automatic mode. High rise hoists have large platforms which are suitable for high rise work. 

High rise hoists also consists of interlocked landing gates to ensure safety. Other features include presence of an indicator and a signalling system. Double barrow hoist, is also operable in semi automatic mode with built in loading ramps.

Conveyor & Hoist Rentals also offers variety of cable pulling products for hire such as Cable jacks, Cable rollers, Conduit rollers, Corner rollers, Pit rollers to name a few. All these products ensure easy and safe cable laying. Cable jacks used for handling heavy cable drums, is capable of loading both single and multiple drums. Pit rollers provided by Conveyor & Hoist Rentals are ideal for placing the cables in pits while Corner rollers can bend even in sharp right angles.