Conveyor & Hoist Rentals  offers various types of safety equipment sush as anchorages, Bosuns Chair, Fall arrest, etc.

Anchorages are self-supporting tripods with eye plates and eye bolts. It includes easy operating instructions and complete installation. Bosuns Chair provides easy comfortability in work. It provides comfortable solid ply seat, waist belt, leg straps, etc.

Fall Arrest is used in the risky and falling area that is more than 600mm. It has fall recovery units. Fall Arrest has rope grab fall arresters and packaged as complete kits, and also carefully inspected before hire.

Waste Removal bucket is specially designed to suit all the range of equipment. It has bottom and side tipping models, and its solid construction is suitably apt for the Australian work sites.

Waste Removal Conveyor is supposed to be ideal for moving or eliminate waste material. Sometimes it is regarded as the best option specially for restricted areas and can be available in 600mm and 350mm belt widths.

Load Scale Winches includes shackles and can be operate at any angle. It also includes power or battery supply. Its sturdy construction is suitable for all rigging work. It is very easy to operate that include with full instructions. Cable Winches is used for any work site. Its compact winches are used for difficult jobs.